Made the slow move to Apple stuff myself. So much truth on Apple scaling. I have an iPhone 12 mini (and iPad Mini 6th gen)... and it's painful sometimes. Not all apps support Dynamic Type (looking at you YT Music). I'm debating on if I go Max or not... I sorta miss the larger screen of the Nexus 6P days, but it's heavy.

Got a Macbook Pro as my primary recently. I'm giving up PC gaming... sorta. I am really hoping a Steam Deck 2 (or competitor) will work for me. Or, if we get lucky with Apple's Dev kit really pushing game development. I struck a pretty good deal on an M1 Max so I have way more power than I need...

And thanks for reminding me Reeder exists on the mac. Not sure I need a separate app on the desktop, but I've loved the iOS app.

And FYI, I think when plugged in, the macbook does passthrough power. I am 99% plugged in lately, and I dropped the battery to 80% one day. When I plugged back in, Apple actually didn't bother charging it yet. It knew my pattern and has held off charging it (literally says "On hold"). I'm a week in (yes, I'm pushing testing limits). I'm almost certain all modern laptops do this? But MacOS seems to do it better.

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