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Sorry folks, the trolls and weird right-wing people found this, gotta close the comments.

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this is just an hateful article.

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How about: NO?!

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great article!

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"Vivaldi adds sponsored bookmarks on the new tab page, for example — but I’m not aware of another browser ever rewriting what the user types in the address bar."

I do, Vivaldi does exactly the same

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So, just to recap, don't use Brave Browser because:

Its CEO & a shareholder hold right-wing political views

It pays users (who opt-in) crypto (whereas other browsers pay users nothing)

It has an ad model (that you neglect to mention also pays users crypto for viewing ads)

It once allowed users with (pre-existing) FTX accounts to link them via a widget

It partners with Gemini (to allow users to offload/exchange the BAT they've earned, not mentioned)

Gemini has an SEC case (part of the SECs crypto witch hunt which includes a failed case vs XRP)

Crypto.com faced layoffs during a bear market

And the first ever Web3 gaming expo had low attendance?

Your arguments are truly weak. I don't even use Brave as my main Browser, but I'll likely be using it more often now literally because this article annoyed me that much. Also FWIW I'm a liberal and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I detest that Eich would donate to prop 8 but I also respect that we live in a country where people will have vast political differences and still be able to see past those things and interact without demonizing and trying to cancel each other.

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> If you want a privacy-focused web browser, use Firefox or Vivaldi.

Nah, use LibreWolf; a fork of Firefox that is the only browser to match and even beat Brave in the full gauntlet of tests at privacytests.org

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Screwing ad-tracking business is the exact reason why you should use it.

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